TSA LAND Real Estate LTD.

In TSA Land, we are investor and distributor of real estate, have been operating in Vietnam since 2020.

We specialize in exploiting and distributing of real estate, providing rental services of office buildings, apartments and houses.

With extensive experiences and an elite team, owns a standard management system of real estate, we offer effective solutions for working space, offices and accommodation with the best service to corporations and foreign experts in Vietnam. Our main market is focus in HCMC.

Not just be a real estate company, we would like being a reliable partner and a companion, contributing to the values to your success and growth.

Area of office space for rent
Hotel rooms
Employees in Vietnam

Fields of Operation

Tsa Land Bat Dong San Cho Thue

Leasing Office

TSA Land invests, exploits, manages and operates a chain of leasing offices system in Ho Chi Minh City.

20 Office buildings

30,000 m2 used

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Hotel Management

Exploiting and operating a chain of 3-star hotels.

Lotus Boutique Hotel

Happy Life Hotel

Minh Châu Hotel

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Rental Apartments

Exploiting and providing serviced apartments and houses for foreign experts.

12 Apartment buildings

500 apartments

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Real Estate Distribution

Service of management and distribution of real estate projects.

Core Values

Customer-centric culture
Innovation to keep leading